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Bringing Business via the Internet

Reputation Management

Bad Publicity

Congratulations! You're business offers a great service which resulted in a new sales prospect, via referral.

What's the first thing that prospect is likely to do? Research your business on the web.

Hopefully, what they find is all good. But what if it's not?

Even the best companies collect disgruntled customers— some of whom post negative comments, which are visible to new prospects, the lifeblood of your company. Nothing will lose you prospects faster than negative reviews.

Business Reviews

Although deleting negative comments and reviews is not ordinarily an option, there are alternatives.

Leading Edge Digital tracks dozens of review sites, blogs and social media such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Our Reputation Management process alerts you to changes, especially when someone posts negative comments. This allows you to shape the conversation by responding online.

For positive comments, a simple thank you is enough. For negative comments, offer to make amends or state your position if there is a dispute. Admitting to and rectifying a mistake can be more powerful at influencing prospective buyers than a lukewarm review.

Every prospect reaches a make or break moment during the buying process at which point they decide whether or not to become a customer. This step is so important that Google gave it a label— ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

The cornerstone of a well-constructed digital marketing program is a focus on ZMOT. Because every potential customer takes a different path to your doorstep, a 360-degree view of your online presence is essential.

Remember, if you aren't telling your story, someone else is— online— right now.


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