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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Illustration of PageRank

SEO is the process of raising your business's web page listings closer to the top of the organic section of each major search engine— Google, Yahoo and Bing (for more info, download our brief article on Search Engine Optimization).

Q: Why is this important?

A: Simple. The higher your web pages rank, the more likely potential customers are to click and visit your website. 60 TIMES MORE LIKELY for a top of first page ranking than for a second page top ranking. (see bar chart below).

Graph Showing Impact of Page Rank on Click-through-Rate

Q: I want to be ranked #1 on Google! How can you get me there?

A: Content. Great content, on your website, using social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, others) and other digital media and broadcasting venues, coupled with a deep insight as to how the search engines interpret your digital information. We can't guarantee you'll get to the top of page #1 for every keyword, but by working hard to create authentic, great content for your business consistently over time, we will boost your organic search ranking— increasing the number of potential customers reaching and interacting with your business.

Q: I'm an excellent writer. Why should I pay you to do what I can do for free?

A: Two reasons: 1) Our extensive experience with optimizing content in the digital world and 2) Because you and your staff don't have time to constantly create content for your business— website changes, blog entries, Facebook posts, Tweets, Google+. We have a network of professionals at our disposal to create business-relevant content on multiple platforms. Great content— written (and edited) to please both humans and machines. Content that is unique to your business and valued by search engines. Content that we create and you approve before it is released.

Q: How will I know if it's working?

A: Measurement. We use some of the best tools available to monitor results on all aspects of your search engine optimization program including:

  • Leading Edge Digital dashboard customized for your business and designed to monitor all aspects of our digital marketing efforts...

    Thumbnail Image of Leading Edge Digital Dashboard
  • Monthly monitoring of Search Engine Keyword Rank Position of 50-100 keywords (10 visible in dashboard)

  • Lead tracking (phone calls, form fills) displayed in your dashboard and keywords tracked that generated those leads

Q: What makes Leading Edge Digital better than the competition?

A: Continuous Improvement. We believe that yesterday's success is ancient history. We ask ourselves “what have we done TODAY to improve each client's search engine optimization program” and then go and improve on it.


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