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Services by Leading Edge Digital

Google Pay Per Clicks (PPC)— Gets you high in the sponsored section of Google— uses Leading Edge Digital (LED) Smartshapes and Keyword Lead Optimization.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for getting you better position in the important organic or natural section of search engines, accounting for 75% of clicks. LED tracks 50 to 100 of your most important keywords.

Smart Phone & Tablet Marketing— PPC & SEO are effective on desktops, laptops, tablets & smart phones, but LED can also focus on the burgeoning mobile device sector.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing— Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Includes relevant posting as well as paid advertising.

Blogs— Written by experts in your industry, attributed to your business, professionally written and edited with all the important content and keywords for helping you to achieve greater reach, more clients and that all important search engine presence.

Google Display Network (GDN)— Animated Banner Ads appearing locally and contextually targeted.

Retargeting— Those who have visited your site will be given a second chance at engaging with your company when they visit other websites.

Website Construction & Optimization— Beautiful, effective websites, optimized for search engines, which inform and build your client base.

E-Commerce Website Construction— Do you have standard products that you wish to sell online? We are experts at building sophisticated e-commerce websites.

Reputation Management— LED monitors dozens of websites such as Google+, Yelp, etc., so when folks comment on your company, you'll know about it and can respond.

Email Marketing— We'll help you to build a great email database through which you can keep your client base active & informed.

Mobile Text Marketing— most people read all their mobile texts, especially our database of 250,000 opt-in mobile texting subscribers. We offer a 55 character advertisement with click to call or click to website. This hyper-innovative technique offers incredibly high click thru rates.

White Board Marketing— Complex product offerings are made extremely simple with this innovative concept of explaining your business's offering. Basically, a hand sketches your services, your unique offering and how your company is the best for your type of business.

Video Marketing & Virtual Tour— these are great ways of putting your company on the front line of the Internet.

Testing Consumer Awareness— How effective are the ad campaigns?

Animated Logo Design— this is one of the coolest new concepts on the web. Take your static logo and add some dynamism to it. After all, animation is one of the web's best opportunities.


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